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Quick Overview

Versatile ultrasound machine for large animal scanning.




  • Earlier and more accurate pregnancy diagnosis
  • Excellent image quality
  • Portable, robust, and reliable
  • Weighs only 4.5 lb with a battery
  • Only four buttons making it simple to use
  • No image lag with up to 40 frames per second
  • Store images and videos and transfer them to your computer
  • The added depth from the Easi-Scan Curve makes it easier to
    determine fetal age on later pregnancies
  • 128 broadband probe

Top 6 Wireless Ultrasound Features 

1. Connects to wireless BUG:Go goggles

Increase your mobility and efficiency with our wireless BUG:Go goggles. The wireless goggles pair perfectly with any of our wireless ultrasounds.

2. Or connect to any smart device

3. Automatic fetal aging

4. Save photos and videos directly to your device

5. Connects up to 3 devices

Optimize your time teaching by connecting the ultrasound to 3 different devices simultaneously. The app allows you to replay the image without impacting the person who is scanning. This provides you the opportunity to review pregnancies, fetal sexing, and aging at a slower pace.

6. Waterproof

Our engineers designed the wireless Easi-Scan:Go to be completely sealed. Without a need for a goggle port, this sealed ultrasound surpasses others in durability because it is completely waterproof.

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