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TF 160 IGEBA Fogger

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Used to apply disinfectant or detergent in 100m x 30m (approx. 300′ x 90′) buildings

The TF-160 is a convincing combination of experience, performance and a highest standard of quality.

Teflon and Viton round off the high-quality appearance. Still manufactured by hand so that every stage of production is checked in the subsequent stage. None of the generators leave without a final inspection. This is a fundamental requirement for the certification of the quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 which was obtained in 1996.

See how the fogger works:
• Video 1: Operating the Fogger (TF-35)
• Video 2: Operating the Fogger (TF-95)

•Highest standard of quality: this is symptomatic for the complete range of products. Only the best materials are used.
•The tank and rigid lines are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing long operational reliability.


•You can order a device with either a 5 l or 60 l tank (and special units can be connected to any size solutions tanks).


TF-160 FOGGER: Used to apply disinfectant or detergent in animal buildings and greenhouses

Weight, empty in kg, approx.7,912,839,565
Dimensions in cm LxWxH137,5x27x34138x38x34198x62x58262x62x70
Solution tank capacity in l5,7 or 105,7 or 106060
Fuel tank capacity in l1,22,55,510
Fuel consumption in l/h, approx.2,03,64,09,0
Performance** of combustion chamber in KW/HP18,7/25,433/4536,8/5082,2/112
Average flow rate in l/h (oil), approx.2060120
Maximum flow rate in l/h of oil based formulations, approx.42100160
Flow rate with water in l/h approx.10304080
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms using water and carrier, i.e. “Nebol”, in m, approx.406060120
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms using water, in m, approx.8303580
Power supply4×1,5 V batteries LR6 (optional)4×1,5 V batteries LR6 (optional)4×1,5 V batteries LR2012 V DC car-battery
Pressure in the solution tank in bar, approx.0,250,30,30,25
All generators are available as “W”-version for the application of water based solutions also.
*These generators can be ordered without solution tank, but with suction pump (12 V DC)!
**Theoretical value based on the energy of the consumed fuel.


Thermonébulisateur TF-160

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