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Sigmatek – Surface Coating

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Quick Overview

Non-Absorbent Surface Protection

Preserve and protects against water, oil and fats

Sigmatek Non-Absorbent Surface Treatment (NABS) creates a unified, flexible and environmentally friendly layer which inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and rejects soiling of any kinds.

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  • Preserve and protects non-absorbent surfaces from most soils, stains, water, oil or fat based product.
  • NABS is clear and is alcohol based.
  • Surfaces will last much longer and look newer longer when protected by this invisible, flexible, breathable layer.
  • Application: Spray on to the surface and rub in with cloth or brush and let the alcohol base dry out, leaving product behind or dip product into NABS.

Industry Examples

A major Canadian glass supplier recently replaced their old glass protector with a variation of this MFStek product.

A major industrial Canadian company uses a variation of this product to more easily clean dirt and grime off service vehicles reducing cleaning time and protecting the vehicles from corrosion.

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