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OPU Probe – Ovocyte Retrieval

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Quick Overview

«All In One» OVUM Pick Up Transducer for Bovine and Equine

  • Slim design to be used on young   heifers and mares
  • All metal needle guide and needle bushing  accurate guidance
  • Ready to use, easy and quick assembly – time  saving between animals
  • Instant needle vizualisation, needle track in   the middle of the screen (graduated Biopsy line)  (2mm follicles vizualisation)
  • Compatible with short and long needles
  • Usable on many species : bovine, equine, wild life animals
  • Easy and fast cleaning and disinfection


Manufactured in France by ECM



The ECM OPU probe is the result of field request, analysis followed by development and testing by leading veterinarians and technicians in the field of ET and IVF.

Our OPU transducer makes ultrasound ovum aspiration easier and more comfortable due to its size, lightweight and field of view.


  • Frequency wideband 6,5 MHz (B Image : 5,0 – 6,5 – 7,5 MHz)
  • Nb of elements 128
  • Pitch 0,209mm
  • ROC (radius of curvature) 10mm
  • Ouv. Trans 8mm
  • Focus lense 35mm
  • FOV (field of view) 150°
  • Length of guide 61,5 cm
  • Weight less than 1 kg
  • Length of cable 200 cm
  • Biopsy guide graduated line (mm) orientation of image (Up/down – Left/ right)
  • Compatibility EXAGOEXAPAD


  • Short needle tubing
  • Long needle tubing
  • Specific short needle
  • Transportation case
  • Cannullas : 12 – 17 – 18’ gauge

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