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ECOTEXT – Software for the Study of Testicular Tissue

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Quick Overview

Software for Semen Collection analysis and the Study of Testicular Tissue

For EXAGO -Veterinary portable ultrasound scanner



Why Ecotext?

To monitorize boar testicular parenchyma and make culling decisions.


  • It is a non-invasive method of evaluating testicular status and development of seminal quality in males.
  • Regular monitoring of the health of the genital apparatus of farm males: early detection of visible pathologies on ultrasound, problems arising from stress, infections, toxins, fever, etc…
  • Monitoring of correct testicular development of young males until their entry into full production.
  • Selection and early dismissal of males with subfertility or infertility due to problems in spermatogenesis up to two months earlier than with a common seminal analysis (CASA System, Neubauer Chamber,etc…)
  • Help for selection and early dismissal of males by their reproductive characteristics.

Ecotext and Exago

Ecotext is configured for use with the Exago Veterinay ultrasound scanner (ECM), connected to a linear rectal probe of 7.5 MHz. Exago is the only ultrasound on the market, configured to work in streaming with the Biosoft ToolBox software. Biotronics Inc., an international standard in the evaluation of fat and muscle in livestock species.



  • Ecotext includes an animal database and analysis, exportable to Excel.
  • Generates a report in PDF format on each analysis performed, which includes the results of ecotexture and measurements on seminiferous tubules, in addition to the images on which this analysis has been carried out.
  • Configured for operation with the Exago ultrasound coupled to a linear rectal probe of 7.5 MHz.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10.




  • Very lightweight (3kg), ultra-portable
  • Interchangeable battery with huge autonomy (5h30 ‘)
  • Echo mode B, B + B, B + M, CFM mode: Color Flow Mapping, PW: Pulsed Wave Doppler, Zoom Cineloop.
  • LCD screen, integrated peripherals to export files (USB), connect an external screen (DVI / Video), printer, …
  • Internal memory to save data (images, clips, reports …)
  • Range of wide-band (multi-frequency) probes: convex, linear, micro-convex, endocavity.

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