Agroscan A7 (reconditioned)



Ultrasound used to detect gestation of sows and gilts
The Agroscan A7 is a device that lets you judge for yourself gestation and examine some reproduction problems at a very competitive price.Reliable and fast diagnostics from the 19th day of gestation.The Ultrasound system that makes you a specialist.

The product is no longer manufactured since October 2012.

The repair service 24 hours in our offices Ange Guardian, Quebec is still available.

Exclusively distributed in Canada by S.E.C. Repro inc.

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  • Weight: 1,5kg (3,3 lbs)
  • Mesurements: 14x23x9 cm
  • 5 MHz sector probe
  • Sector scanning of 90 degrees
  • 5,2 inch screen
  • 256 tones of grey
  • Luminosity modulation
  • Gain control
  • 2 levels of exploration


  • Ergonomic form
  • Compact with built-in battery
  • Exceptionnal imaging quality
  • 1h30 battery autonomy
  • Portability by a shoulder belt giving you total freedom of movements
  • Fast and reliable diagnostics from the 18th day thanks to a high-resolution image
  • Included with Agroscan A7: carrying case, shoulder strap, security cable for probe, battery charger and ultrasound gel

USE (Gestation)

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