Cima balance



Functions and features

Length: 6 feet 6 and 3/4

Width: 2 feet 3 and 1/2

Platform height from the ground: 3 inches

Weight: 40kg

  • piglet, fattening pigs, sows
  • calculates the total weight of all transited animals

  • calculates the average weight of all transited animals

  • stores weights in an archive menu

  • saves data on USB pen drive

  • online help for each screen/function of the control unit

  • numerical keyboard with writing mode identical to that found in mobile phones

  • excess load control system

  • possibility of handling international units of measurement

  • possibility of regulating [screen] contrast

  • possibility of regulating [screen] brightness

  • internal clock

  • reads the supply voltage

  • settings backup

  • data backup

Idea to slow down porks when entering the balance